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Guys, your skin is your largest organ. There, we said it. Now why wouldn’t you want to take care of it? Making good choices on what you put on your face, and how you treat it, can help delay the natural aging and prevent skin issues. For men, the best way to protect your face is shaving carefully and paying attention to what you lather up with, and what you put on your face after your shave. Your face needs consistent care so you look your best. We all know about “dead skin,” but those dead skin cells can accumulate and cause bacterial infections on your face, so exfoliate daily. You deserve this, so buck up and pamper your face like a man.

In 1935 Lucky Tiger was trademarked and an iconic American brand was officially born. As Lucky Tiger’s popularity and product reputation spread, barbers across America began using and selling the entire range of Lucky Tiger products from shaving creams to mustache waxes

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Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave 473ml
Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave 473ml
Ein Klassiker der US-Barbershops. Maskulin, frisch und belebend. Es hat ein maskulines, frisches und würziges Aroma. Es kühlt und erfrischt sofort die Haut, wobei es kein mildes After Shave ist. Das Lucky Tiger Aspen After Shave belebt...
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Lucky Tiger Bay Rum After Shave 473ml
Lucky Tiger Bay Rum After Shave 473ml
Ein Duft-Klassiker von 1935. Elegant und erfrischend mit einer frischen Chypre-Duftnote, welche 1917 in Mode kam und aus Patchouli und Citrus-Frische besteht. Bei diesem Lucky Tiger Bay Rum Aftershave erinnert der Duft ein wenig an...
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